May 5, 2019 - We spent Tuesday afternoon with Cecil out on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in the Hogansburg, New York area - about 10 miles East of Massena.
It is also known by its Mohawk name, Akwesasne. The population was 3,288 at the 2010 census. The reservation contains the community of St. Regis and borders the community of Hogansburg in the town of Bombay. The Mohawk are one of the original Five Nations of the Iroquois, historically based in present-day New York. They were located chiefly in the Mohawk Valley and were known as the "Keepers of the Eastern Door", prepared to defend the Iroquoian territory against other tribes located to the east of the Hudson River. The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe and the Mohawk people view the reservation as a sovereign nation. It shares jurisdiction with the state of New York and the United States.

Cecil - Our guide for visiting members on the Reservation.

Cecil and his wife Barbara are some of the original members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this area. The first Branch was established in the Hogansburg area. They have been stalwart leaders of the branch for years. Cecil is a full blooded Mohawk and knows EVERYBODY on the reservation!!! We are grateful to him for his great help.

View of a passing ship from Cecil's Camp - he owes about 70 acres along the St. Lawrence River where the grandkids come during the Summer to enjoy playing and swimming.
Everette, Sister Weaver, Karen, Sister Black - Everette was at it again!!! He surprised Karen with another one of his awesome designs wishing her a "Happy Mother's Day"!! (Maybe I don't have to get her a Mother's Day present now???)
Denise (recent convert) spent the morning at the Hair Dressers getting a new hairdo!!! Looking good. (Only her hair dresser knows for sure...)
Massena Branch Building - Spring is here!
Our Branch building sits on a little hill - it has a walk in entrance in the back where you can enter the basement directly. The building is not real big, so we're are grateful for the space downstairs.
The Sisters have been teaching Reggie. Unfortunately, he ended up in the hospital. They brought him his headphones so he can listen to the Book of Mormon while he is in the hospital. We're hoping for a quick recovery.
Eva, Sisters Black & Weaver, Karen - We were back doing some service with Eva, a local Kindergarten teacher. We were helping make spring flowers for a hallway mural.
Sister White left for home this week - now she will be able to call and email us!!! Good Luck - Well done thou good and faithful servant.
Ten Sisters and Two Elders went home this week (including Sister White). I'm going home if they send all the Sisters home!!! (Don't count President & Sister Vest who are in the picture. Thankfully, we're not sending them home!!) The church is decreasing the complement of missionaries to our mission - I believe we only received one Sister this week.
Sister Black. Our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta consisted of taking turns getting our picture taken with Karen Coia's sombrero that she brought to church for fun! That's it!! No food, no music, no dancing, no nothing! But it still looks like fun!!!
Sister Weaver. Ole!
How come the Sombrero looks small on me?
Karen is trying to figure out why we're getting our picture taken with a sombrero on????
Karen - We love Karen...she is becoming such a stalwart member of our Branch.
John. Not sure what is on his key rings around his neck - but from the looks of it, he should be prepared for just about anything.
Wyatt - Little John Chapman. This is President Chapman's grandson who loves to make believe he is an assortment of superheroes or other pretend people. But this week he wanted to be Little John Chapman - he wanted to be just like his sweet.
Big John Chapman - Our awesome Branch President and Grandpa to Wyatt.

Another week in Paradise...spring is here and we are loving it. (Although, it has rained quite a bit – we love the warmer temperatures and that everything is starting to turn green.) We love working with the humble members of our little Massena Branch. We hope all is well for all of you.