November 4, 2019 - Restoration: The re-establishment of the ancient church and gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter days as revealed by God through Joseph Smith and the prophets who have succeeded him as president of the Church. First we discussed the restoration of the gospel and how to teach it in Zone Conference...and then we spent a day in Palmyra with our friends the Lovingers, seeing the sites of the Restoration.

Sister Black, me and Karen at Zone Conference. We love seeing the missionaries who have served with us.
Sister Sudweeks (the Mission Nurse) is telling us how to combat colds and flu.
It always important to learn how to take care of ourselves - it's no fun being sick as a missionary.
Sister Penrod, Weise and Potts eating pizza while listening to Sister Sudweeks - it seems we are always multitasking as missionaries.
Sister Vest leading the missionaries in Role Plays.
If you want to become a better missionary, you learn through role play.
Senior Missionaries at Zone Conference: Sister St Julien, Sister and Elder Whetstone. Elder St Julien is probably trying to find some more pizza!
Lining up for the Hurrah for Israel shout at the end of Zone Conference.
Sister Chanipo leading the Hurrah for Israel shout - she goes home at the end of this transfer. She was in the Potsdam District with us. We'll miss her, she was an awesome missionary.

Elder Iongi asked President Vest if he could share the Haka as part of his last Zone Conference - Elder Iongi goes home at the end of this transfer. I so love when the missionaries share their traditions - this is extra special knowing how much it means to Elder Iongi. The Haka is a type of ancient Māori war dance traditionally used on the battlefield, as well as when groups came together in peace. Haka are a fierce display of a tribe's pride, strength and unity. Actions include violent foot-stamping, tongue protrusions and rhythmic body slapping to accompany a loud chant.

Sisters Penrod, Weise and Potts celebrated as we passed Mexico, New York on the way home from Zone Conference - this has become a tradition in the Spear car as we transport Sister Missionaries.

Sister Penrod all dressed up for Halloween!
Karen and me at the Palymra Temple.
Crystal and Eric at the Palmyra Temple.
Eric & Crystal at the Smith Farm site in Palmyra.
Karen, Eric & Crystal in the upstairs of the original Smith home. September 21–22, 1823. Joseph Smith was visited by an angel named Moroni. Moroni prophesied of coming events and told Joseph of the Book of Mormon record, written on plates of gold. The angel allowed Joseph to see the gold plates, which were buried in the nearby Hill Cumorah.
Crystal, Eric, me and Karen. Joseph Smith, Sr, ran a cooper shop making barrels and brooms.
Eric, Crystal, Karen and me. Early spring, 1820. Seeking the true Church of Jesus Christ, 14-year-old Joseph Smith prayed in a grove of trees near his home in Palmyra, New York. In answer to his humble prayer, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ visited him and told him that he must not join any of the churches on the earth at that time. In the Church we refer to this experience as Joseph Smith’s First Vision.
Karen, me, Crystal & Eric. The Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site in Palmyra, New York, is the place where the first copies of the Book of Mormon were printed and bound in 1829 and 1830. It is also known as the Grandin Building, after Egbert B. Grandin, who owned and operated a printshop in the building. It features restorations of the original bookstore, printer’s office, printing press, and bindery. It also features exhibits about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Eric, Crystal, Karen and me. E. B. Grandin agreed to print 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon in June 1829 for a cost of $3,000. From August 1829 to March 1830, Grandin and his staff worked to typeset, print, and bind the Book of Mormon in this building. Copies of the book were first sold to the public at Grandin’s bookstore on March 26, 1830. Since then, more than 176 million copies of the book have been printed in more than 100 languages.
Eric, Crystal, Karen and me. April 6, 1830. The Church was organized at the Peter Whitmer farm in Fayette Township, New York, beginning with six members.
Eric & Crystal. We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory in Syracuse, NY on the way home from Palmyra. The Cheesecake Factory story begins in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940’s. Evelyn Overton found a recipe in the local newspaper that would inspire her “Original” Cheesecake. Everyone loved her recipe so much that she decided to open a small Cheesecake shop, but she eventually gave up her dream of owning her own business in order to raise her two small children, David and Renee. She moved her baking equipment to a kitchen in her basement and continued to supply cakes to several of the best restaurants in town while raising her family.In 1972, with their children grown, Evelyn and her husband Oscar decided to pack up all of their belongings and move to Los Angeles to make one last attempt at owning their own business. With the last of their savings, they opened The Cheesecake Factory Bakery and began selling Evelyn’s cheesecakes to restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Through hard work and determination their business grew to a modest size and Evelyn was soon baking more than 20 varieties of cheesecakes and other desserts. With great foresight and intuition, their son David decided to open a restaurant to showcase his mother’s selection of cheesecakes. Somehow he just knew that guests would enjoy a restaurant with an extensive dessert menu. It was 1978 and he opened the first The Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. The restaurant was an immediate success and today there are more than 200 The Cheesecake Factory restaurants around the world that share the Overton’s commitment to quality and spirit of innovation and hard work.

Eric & Crystal at the Eisenhower Lock watching a ship go from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. You can't make a trip to Massena without doing a little ship chasing!

Of course we told Eric and Crystal about our Mexico, NY tradition. So when they were on their way back to Baltimore, they sent us a Marco Polo video as they passed by Mexico! We are willing to sell the rights to their video for a few hundred thousand dollars, feel free to contact us if you are interested! Thanks for the wonderful visit. You're the best!

Halloween at the Nature Center. The Nature Nuts played bean bag toss into the pumpkin bucket.
Supplies for making the Halloween Craft.
Nature Nuts Jack-O'Lantern.
Play Doh to make pumpkins.
4 Nature Nut sisters all ready for Halloween - From Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat book.

Another busy week in Paradise. Non-pictured service:
Shingles Vaccination - Finally was able to find the vaccine at our local Walgreens.
2 Hospice Visits
Helping person being taught move – we waited 40 minutes, they never came home
Ministering with Aaronic Priesthood Young Man
Young Women – working on Talent Show act
Piano Lessons
Chris S & Jay Lessons
Bible Study - Samuel
Dinner with Lovingers, Sisters Weise, Penrod & Potts and Sister Karen C
Shakes - 12 people
Breakfast with Lovingers - Pancakes with pure Maple Syrup from the North Country
Hunt down boxes for Sister Webber who will be moving.
Preparation for on-going BYU PathwayConnect – but didn’t have actual Gathering this week because it was cancelled because of Halloween. Homework and quizzes were still due for Week 7.
And lots of visits and delivering of treats to members and friends of the church.
Played the organ in Sacrament Meeting
Choir practice.