A snowy trip, dinner, check in and a Devotional.

As soon as we were set apart, we went home and changed and by 12:30 pm we started the drive to the MTC in Provo.  

Saturday, December 29th, 2018 - Off to the MTC

The car was packed to the ceiling with barely enough room for Marsha to ride to Provo with us.  She was a great sport about her little cubicle in the car.  We drove through snow and wind and freezing rain for a good portion of the trip.  Twice we had to pull off of the freeway to let our windows defrost because the snow was freezing on the windshield and the defrost could not melt it as we were driving.  I think Marsha may have wished that she had flown home.  We stayed in Idaho Falls for the night.

Dec. 30th--Arrived in Provo Sunday afternoon after driving through more snow. We had a nice dinner with Kevin and Peggy.  Checked into the MTC at 6:00 pm Sunday night and made it just in time for the Sunday night devotional that we did not even know about.

Devotional speakers were Brother and Sister Coslett from Texas.  They had amazing stories.  Sister Coslett spoke of gratitude.  Gratitude especially for her knowledge of the restore Church of Jesus Christ.  She came from a home of much sorrow.  She was the victim of abuse of many kinds.  She was often in the ER often suffering injuries from the hands of her own mother.  She went to school hungry with shoes so small they hurt her feet.  She was told she was of no worth.  Sister Coslett said she was constantly seeking for Jesus.  When she was 16 she heard the story of Joseph Smith and believe it as soon as she heard it.  Her life changed at that point.  It made us grateful for the many blessing we have in our lives.  Neither Mark nor I have ever had to go to bed hungry nor suffered abuse from our parents.  We also are so grateful for the power of the Atonement that wipes away all pains and sorrows and brings hope and peace into the lives of any who will come unto Christ.

Brother Coslett lived with his Mom and sister and life seemed normal to him until one summer morning when he was 12 years old he woke up and found that everyone was gone and everything was gone, including furniture.  He found a note from his mom that said, “Gone to Florida, I just can’t do this anymore.”  He grabbed a shirt and some pants and ran out of his home never to return again.  He was 17 years old when one of his acquaintances introduced him to the church.  Wow!  How did we not know we were so blessed!  No matter how difficult the challenges, the blessings can be greater if we turn our lives over to the Lord.

Also at this devotional Kenneth Cope and David Beck sang a beautiful song, “When You Believe” (from the movie Prince of Egypt with a few word changes)