April 7, 2019 - New Beginnings is an annual event for all young women and their parents. Young women who will reach the age of 12 in the coming year are also invited to attend with their parents. It may be held during Mutual. This event provides an opportunity for leaders to express their love for the young women, encourage parents to help their daughters in Personal Progress, and introduce new young women to the young women program.

Young Women New Beginnings - If ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments

Karen organized a great New Beginnings program for the Young Women in the Massena Branch.

Luminaries were the centerpiece on the tables. (Sack with electric candle - everybody decorated their walkways and railings with Luminaries when we lived in Albuquerque.)
All decorated and ready for a party!
The Young Women repeated the theme and sang a beautiful song.
Karen explained a little bit about the Young Women's Program

The Young Women then explained a little bit about the Young Women Values.

Carrie is the Young Women's President and her love of the girls is obvious.

Adryan, the Young Womens' second counselor, sang a beautiful song: As Sister's in Zion

Front: Carlena, Leigha, Rebekah, Morgan, Carrie - Back: Karen & Adryan
Thanks for coming to support the Young Women, President Chapman

Zone Conference: What a great opportunity to be taught and feel the spirit.

Zone Conference in Pottsdam: The awesome Senior Couples serving in the Pottsdam Zone: Elder & Sister Whetstone (serving in Ogdensburg), Karen & Mark (serving in Massena), Sister & Elder Lester (serving in Malone)
Getting ready to join together in shouting: Hurrah for Israel at the end of Zone Conference.

Watching the SpruceGlen going through the Eisenhower Lock in Massena.

The ship entering the lock.
Only the ship's tower sticks above the lock. It takes 7 minutes for the lock to fill and 7 minutes for the lock to empty. With everything, it takes about 20 minutes. 22 million gallons of water are pumped in and out. The ships are raised or lowered 42 feet. The Great Lakes are higher than the ocean, so the locks help the ship be lowered as they come out to the Atlantic or vice versa when they come in from he Atlantic.
Watch the window and you can keep track of the ship coming up in the lock. 3 rows of windows.
4 rows of windows
The beginning of 5 rows of windows
All of the tower is above the lock.
Ship is raised and ready to head towards the Great Lakes.
The ship is ready to leave the lock with Karen supervising!

The ship leaving the lock:

There is a tunnel that goes under the lock - we can see the ship leaving the lock from the road below before we pass through the tunnel.
The Eisenhower Lock - named after our Grandson, Ike

General Conference - My favorite time of year for more than one reason - at my house we get fed Spiritually AND Physically. Karen's family tradition (now ours) - we eat cinnamon rolls for General Conference - that definitely leaves a good taste in your mouth.

Cinnamon Rolls raising...
This is only some of the cinnamon rolls that Karen made - we shared with several families. I wanted to just tell everyone about them, but Karen insisted that we let them experience them!!!
Someone got comfortable in his recliner with a blanket covering him.
Marilyn from the Massena Branch, Sisters Black & Weaver AND an unnamed person who looks comfortable.

General Conference was great as usual. We encourage you to take the time to watch and/or read and truly study and ponder the words of our prophets and apostles.