April 14, 2019 - Everette & Denise entered into the waters of baptism last Saturday. What a sweet, joyful experience. There was such a wonderful feeling of love and joy.

Baptismal Day! Sister Black, Denise, Everette & Sister Weaver

Everette has investigated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for several years and has faithfully attended church for quite a while.

Sister Black, Everette & Sister Weaver - Everette has investigated the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for several years and has faithfully attended church for quite a while.
Sister Black, Denise & Sister Weaver - Denise has been investigating the Church for the last few months and has embraced the gospel and set such a good example for the rest of us.
Sister Black, Denise, John & Sister Weaver. John is Denise's son and has been listening in on some of the lessons recently. He came to support his mom on her big day!
Bro Tenace baptized Everett. He was the Massena Branch President when Everette first started attending church.
President Chapman baptized Denise. He is the current Massena Branch President.
Elder Proper & Denise - He was one of the first Elders to teach Denise. He was transferred to Potsdam from Massena, but since Massena doesn't have a baptismal font, we go to Potsdam for our baptismal services. Elder Proper and his companion were able to bring some of their current investigators to the baptism and so he got to see Denise get baptized.
We have to drive to Potsdam for our weekly District Meetings (about 20 miles) and we stopped at a bakery on the way that the members told us had this specialty English Muffin type bread. We bought the bread and might have also been tempted by the donuts!!! I'm afraid we may be corrupting Sisters Black & Weaver...Or maybe it's the other way around!

The Nature Center where we volunteer is located on a large area with hiking (cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter) trails. Two beavers have begun building a beaver dam on a creek that flows through the property.

Karen & Joel from the Nature Center. Joel is pointing out where the Beavers - Bert & Buttercup - are building their Beaver Dam. Joel brought along some aspen branches that we found just off the trail. He threw the branches in the water for the beavers.
You can see several saplings that are now in the water that have been gnawed by the beavers.
Karen is holding a small branch that the beavers have eaten the bark. Notice the gnaw marks in the wood.
A picture of the dam showing the pond that has been created by the dam blocking the creek.
Mark standing near the beaver dam.
Someone found Salamanders in their basement and brought them to the Nature Center. They are going to nurse them back to health (they were mostly dried out on the floor when they found them) and then turn them loose. Linda is one of our "bosses" when we volunteer.
Karen and Sisters Weaver & Black. The Sisters do service for a Kindergarten teacher at the Salmon River Elementary School and we help once in a while. We made Easter baskets and stuffed plastic eggs with candy for an Easter egg hunt. (Sister Black and I may have sampled some of the candy. We found out that we both love tootsie rolls.) This picture was taken in front of the Reading Garden for the school where the kids get to add their names every time they read a book.
The Sisters were out knocking on doors but no one was home except the dogs. It's a good thing Sister Weaver loves dogs - look closely, there are 3 dogs.
Britney, Crystal, Michelle, Cody, Sisters Weaver & Black, Karen. The Sisters have been teaching Cody. The rest of the family are members.
A beautiful sunset in Massena AND no snow in sight!!!
The wind found us this week - it was blowing about 30 mph with gusts that were much more powerful.
A ship was going through the Eisenhower Lock as we passed by on our way to the Nature Center.

It was a great week in Massena - our spirits were renewed and our testimonies were strengthened as we watched two of God's children being baptized. It was totally awesome.