June 9, 2019 - On Friday, June 7th we had a Massena Branch BBQ at Barnhart Island in the Robert Moses State Park. We had a great time cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and eating a wide assortment of potluck side dishes, salads and desserts. Absolutely perfect weather and a beautiful spot. We had 13 guests and lots of members including several that haven't been out much lately. Thanks to everyone. Thanks to all who invited their friends, family and neighbors.

Branch BBQ Cooks: Everette, Michael & Chris
Beautiful beach - doesn't open until around July 1.
We reserved the Gazebo and this gorgeous grassy area right on the St Lawrence River came with it. 
Karen and Janet (it looks like Janet may have a halo - we all thought she was almost perfect, but now we have proof positive that she is absolutely the best!!!) 
Let's eat!!!
Someone has to be first to arrive!
Sister Black and Everette making sno cones with Olaf.
Donna brought a very scrumptious upside down pineapple cake.
There I am doing what I do best - eating and supervising and visiting.

This video shows the Branch Missionaries learning a line dance that we were going to teach at the BBQ. Unfortunately the video of the line dancing at the BBQ didn't turn out - but they did have fun and got several Branch members to join in the fun.

Victor brought his 1949 Packard to the BBQ
The car was nearly perfect inside and out - it was a beauty. And YES, I got to go for a ride. You could move in and live in the backseat - it is huge!
The cormorant hood ornament was introduced as a senior or deluxe hood ornament in the early 1930's. It was in use until 1957. (Some refer to it as the swan hood ornament.)
On our way to our weekly District Council Meeting, we stopped to buy a loaf of Amish homemade bread for each of the companionships in the District to take home and eat. (No food at District Council Meetings - we are there to WORK, not eat!!!)
The Amish garden is growing and they sell vegetables in the summer - we can't wait!
Of course, we have found JOY on our Mission. (Crystal this picture is for you - I must have asked you a million times if you and Karen had found Joy in the Temple when I called the Temple Office!)
It's Transfer Week, so we take a District Picture. Starting on the left: Elders Roper, Boyer, Weber, Proper, Sisters Chanipo, Fairbanks, Weaver, Black, Karen and Mark.
Ok, so the District is not always so serious! We love them all. Good Luck and Godspeed.

We found out that Elder Boyer could do the Moonwalk, so of course we had to get him to do it at the end of our District Council Meeting. He's going a long way - but it's going to be all backwards!!!

Joel at the Nature Center went out and collected snails and put them on some skunk cabbage.
We caught a ship at sunset on our way home.
And while we were standing there a second ship came and crossed by the first ship.

Karen loves working with the Young Women of the Massena Branch. Here is an art project that they did for an activity last week.


We had the opportunity to attend the 37th Annual Spring Antique, Gas & Steam Engine Exhibition on our preparation day. We love to go to local activities that help us to understand and love the people of the North Country.

Karen makes everything funner! 1922 Portable Steam Engine, 40 Horsepower. Originally purchased by St Lawrence County Highway Department to run a rock crusher.

Mark & Karen and one of the draft horses!
Draft horse pull
Karen, Debbi and Alice in their trailer parked by the antique tractor barn. Alice and her recently decease husband, Bill spent over 15 years volunteering and helping cook at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Exhibition. Alice and Debbi invited us to come - and we are so glad, it was awesome.
Can you say tractors?
These are a couple of old tractors.
You have to have a windmill!
Designed as a family vehicle, the popular Surrey could be drawn by one or a pair of horses and derives its name from a vehicle first built in Surrey County, England. This Surrey has side-bar suspension.
A hearse set up with snow runners.
Another hearse with wheels.
Old time gas station.
Shoe Repair Shop
Looks like we found where the Wicked Witch of the West had her boots made!!!
Saw mill
They moved and refurbished an old school. I'd bring an apple to Karen if she was my teacher.
Old steam engine pulls a trailer giving rides.
Draft horses pulling a trailer.

Of course, we had to take a ride in the wagon! Dolly and Daisy were great horses.

The kids could ride in a cow pulled by a small tractor.
They had a shop that did all kind of older crafts - this is tatting on this shirt.
Check out this 1923 Ford Dump Truck
They have plans to build a fort using this cannon by 2020.
Lots of older cars and trucks.

We love the North Country and the sweet, humble people that call this place home.