December 8, 2019 -
Come and See;
Come and Sing;
Come and Pray;
Come and Worship;
Come and Stay.
Join us on Sunday, December 22nd for a Christmas worship service

Relief Society Light the World Bulletin Board
Invitation for the Potsdam District to join together for a Christmas Pageant & Dinner
The Christmas Dinner and Pageant were well attended by members of the Potsdam District.
The Angels reviewed the program while they waited their turn to perform.
The Shepherds grabbed a quick bite to eat while they waited. The Pageant Director was making sure everyone was ready to go on when it was their turn. It was a great night - everyone did a great job.
No room at the Inn for Mary and Joseph.
Joseph and Mary waiting in the stable for the birth of Jesus.

Sister Akin and her two daughters singing the song: The Day Will Come You Will Meet a King

A choir of angels announcing the birth of the Savior.
The shepherds came to the stable to witness the birth of the baby Jesus.
The three wisemen presenting their gifts to the young boy, Jesus.
John, Dick & Janet and recently born granddaughter, the Elliot family, and Bonnie.
Everette & Brother Champagne, Polly & Grandchild, Marilyn, Karen & Sister Champagne
Karen, Karen C, Pres Chapman, Chris, Marilyn and Evelyn
Amish Buggy - there were 3 of them parked at the hospital in Ogdensburg when I gave Chris a ride for his follow up Doctors appointment after his foot surgery.
Close up of the interior of the Amish Buggy - I hope that blanket is warm!
I have taught Sister Potts well!
Virginia, me and Karen - Virginia used to be a member of our branch, but moved several months ago to Florida. She was back visiting.
Branch Young Women in Massena High School Choir - Alexia - Back row 7th from the right. Carlena - Back row 3rd from the right.
Carlena - back row on the far right.
Morgan & Rebekah - front row 1st and 2nd from the left.
We had 4 Young Women sing in the Choir: Rebekah, Morgan, Carlena and Alexia.
Fan Club: Brandi, Carrie (YW President), Leah-Mae and Karen
We also attended a wonderful Christmas Choir and Orchestra Concert
The Choir Director is a fan of Mack Wilberg arrangements.
Crane School of Music Choir and Orchestra
Jeffrey Francom, conductor (and a counselor in the NY Syracuse Mission Presidency). He is an awesome conductor and a great counselor. He is one of the nicest persons I know.
We went to the concert with the Senior Missionary Couple - the St Juliens - who are serving in Ogdensburg. It was a great night - the choir and orchestra were incredible - very talented. And there was also a children's choir that performed which was also very good.
Volunteered at the Nature Center: Nature Nuts craft this week - bird feeders that are edible.

Another busy week in Paradise. Non-pictured activities:
• Piano Lessons for two children in the branch
• Lots of visits and delivering of treats to members and friends of the church.
• Lots more help for Chris who is recovering from foot surgery including taking him to Ogdensburg for a follow up doctor’s appointment. (About a half an hour away.)
• Remember we helped our 94-year-old neighbor Hilda get her car running last week…well, she rear-ended someone this week. Fortunately, she is fine. BUT she apparently had her license suspended last August and wasn’t supposed to be driving. Of course, we didn’t know that. (So, does that mean we were aiding and abetting a felon?) As it turns out, the person she hit is Tim, a member of our branch!!! So, our good deed for our neighbor ended up damaging Tim’s pickup truck that is only a few months old!!!
• Bible Study
• Two Hospice visits at the nursing home – now visiting two different people.
• Missionary District Council in Potsdam
• Visits to John and Everette
• BYU PathwayConnect Gathering
• Elder’s Quorum Training – worked on how to prepare and teach a lesson
• Picked up Michael Schmutz from school in Canton (about a half an hour away)
• Missionary Coordination Meeting
• Primary Program – We have one family with children in the Branch – 4 of their
children are Primary age – each turn consisted of:
      Scripture Reading
      Short talk
      Song – 4 of them singing together (really 3 because the youngest didn’t want              to sing)
      It was short and so very sweet!