After you:
Take ornaments out of their boxes,
Take cookies out of the oven,
Take good cheer to the lonely,
Take gifts to your neighbors,
Take time to do good this Christmas season,
Take an hour to remember why.
On Sunday, December 22nd join us for a Christmas worship service
at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints nearest you

Christmas is in full swing at the nursing home where we do volunteer service with Hospice.

What are You THANKFUL for?

On Thanksgiving Day, the Sister Missionaries made a poster that they took with them when they visited a nursing home. They asked people to write something they were thankful for. We're certainly thankful for these two sweet sisters that serve with us. If you haven't had the missionaries into your home recently, invite them to come see you - they will bring a sweet spirit with them that will bless your lives and touch your hearts. Better yet, invite a friend or neighbor to come over to meet the missionaries!

What are you thankful for?
We made Thanksgiving Dinner for members of the branch that didn't have anywhere else to go. Everett with Sisters Potts and Penrod - there is plenty of food for everyone!
Thanksgiving doesn't happen without the cook - and Karen is the BEST!
This picture is important!!! We have to have the whipping cream open for pie be continued! Watch videos below and you'll see why the whipping cream is so important.
Chris joined us for Thanksgiving - he's still recovering from foot surgery, so he took over my usual job: Supervising!
John was another Thanksgiving guest.
Everett just got back from visiting his family in Georgia and he is sharing some photos with Karen.
Remember I told you to watch for the whipping cream...

Take 1: Whipping Cream Challenge

Take 2: Whipping Cream Challenge

Take 3: Whipping Cream Challenge in SLOW MOTION

Tim, Everette, Tom & Karen - Converts in the last 15 months. They are such a blessing to our little Branch.
Karen and Josh shoveling and shoveling and... We went to visit Jessy and pick up Marsha - Karen's sister - who was flying in from North Carolina to Albany after spending Thanksgiving with her son Bill and his family. Marsha was going to spend a few days with us. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to intervene. Marsha's flight was cancelled after we already got to Jessy's. The storm had dropped over 20 inches of snow at this point and it wasn't showing any signs of quitting. The airports on the East Coast were a big time mess including the Albany airport. Marsha had already completed one leg of her flight and was no longer at Bill's house, so she decided to catch a flight home to Utah instead of waging a battle with the snow storm! That was probably a good decision - it continued to snow at Jessy's and they ended up getting well over two feet of snow. We were bummed, but better safe than sorry. We love you Marsha - thanks for almost coming to see us!!!
Annie and Jack warming up by the fire after playing in the snow.
Will and Jack in our bed! We've always got to have some snuggling while we visit our beautiful grandkids.
The kids are playing: Moose! Moose! It's a very fun game to play with friends and family.
Jessy at 12:01 am Monday morning - locked and loaded for Cyber Monday deals!
Young Women visiting Donna in the nursing home. Carrie, Leah-Mae, Donna, Carlena and Hailey.
Sisters Potts & Penrod warming up with a cup of hot chocolate at our house on Preparation Day.
Sisters Potts & Penrod, Karen and Tim helping Dale prepare for a fundraiser for the Marine Corp League where Dale is the Commandant. Dale has been attending church and meeting with the Sisters. (By the way, he is an excellent cook - we've had dinner at his home.)
Sister Penrod showing the true spirit of service - it can truly make you happy to serve others! (Or maybe it was when Dale told her she could have a 3rd bottle of water!)

Another busy week in Paradise. Non-pictured activities:
Piano Lessons for two children in the branch
Lots of visits and delivering of treats to members and friends of the church.
Lots more help for Chris who is recovering from foot surgery
FHE Group – We showed the new Light the World Video: The Christ Child
Met with Rita
Helped our Neighbor Hilda who locked herself out of her apartment.
Helped Hilda get her car running
Met with Eva and Bob and their son Jeff and caregiver Missy. Showed them The Christ Child Video and invited them to our Christmas Sacrament Meeting
Took Michael to get some things out of his broken-down car in Madrid (New York, not Spain)
Bible Study
Two Hospice visits at the nursing home – one was on Thanksgiving Day