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Young Women learning how to paint.
Hard at the process.
Pure concentration.
Trying to get it just right.
Lots of budding artists.
Now is the time to buy the first works of these blossoming artists - shortly the prices of these masterpieces are sure to skyrocket!!!
How do you go to Walmart? Amish coming to town to do some shopping.
Our District Leader served for a long time in the deaf ward and taught us how to sign unity and companionship. And then he showed us how to show companionship unity. Our Sister Wiese, Penrod and Potts are trying to do as a trio - it adds another wrinkle to try it with three sisters.

Watch the video as the Sisters demonstrate what they have learned about having companionship unity.

We stopped at Five Guys in Potsdam and got our lunch to go. We ate in the car on the way back to Massena so we made the best use of our time - driving and eating.
Our stalwart branch missionaries Brother & Sister Hann along with Sisters Wiese, Potts & Penrod. We have an awesome Missionary Coordination Council each Saturday morning.
Our Potsdam District - Back row: Mark, Sister & Elder St Julien, Elders Mackay, Kelly, Seyfried, & Thornton. Front Row: Karen, Sisters Wiese, Potts & Penrod. We are having transfers on Sunday and Monday due to missionaries that are going home are flying out so they can have Thanksgiving Dinner with their families.

Final picture of our awesome trio: Sister Wiese, Potts and Penrod. Sister Wiese got transferred and Karen and I got to take her to Syracuse to meet up with her companion. She will be serving in Penfield between Rochester and Palmyra.
We ran into Sister Chanipo in Syracuse. She served in our Potsdam District and is going home tomorrow.
Missionaries involved in transfers. Our last picture with our dear sweet Sister Wiese in it.
Did I mention that they know winter in the North Country? This front end loader is equipped with a special 12 foot blade to plow out the Walmart parking lot - It looks like it could do about half the parking lot in one pass!

Another busy week in Paradise. Non-pictured activities:
Potsdam District Council - reporting and training - lots of role playing
BYU PathwayConnect Preparation and Gathering
Piano Lessons for two children in the branch
Lots of visits and delivering of treats to members and friends of the church.
Role playing with Elder’s Quorum President – just trying to get better at all the things we have to do. We also brought a pizza to Chris who is recovering from surgery and stayed and ate with him.
Lots more meals and help for Chris
Hospice Visit at the nursing home
Lessons with Tom – memberLesson with Danielle - member
Dinner with Dale Kellogg