July 21, 2019 - Have you ever felt like Phil Connors in the movie, Groundhog Day? Basic premise: Cranky TV broadcaster Phil Conners (played by Bill Murray) and his crew are sent to tiny Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to capture the "thrills" of its annual GROUNDHOG DAY celebration. A snowstorm strands them overnight, and when Phil wakes up the next morning, he soon realizes that something strange is going on: It's Groundhog Day again. Phil relives the same day over and over again. His predicament drives him to distraction, until he learns the value of caring about others.  After he has lived the same day for over ten years, Phil Connors has tried out just about every moral approach to life that can be tried. He tries acting completely selfishly. Then he tries changing his behavior to be more moral. Then he finally tries changing his outlook altogether, and it's not until he does this that he makes a truly lasting change that allows him to escape the endless repetition of February 2nd and move onto February 3rd.
Do you ever feel stuck in a rut that seems it never ends? Sometimes, we just need to forget ourselves, change our attitude and do something for someone else. When we reach out to serve others, we forget ourselves and our problems. Try it - you'll like it: You won't be stuck in your own personal Groundhog Day any more - it will change to a Best Day!

Speaking of forgetting yourself and serving others, this past week the Branch had a service project - they put a roof on Karen's home. Thanks to everyone who helped - we're half way there.

Broderick and Dick installing a metal roof on new member, Karen's house. Everette, Chris and John also helped.
Karen C and Karen S inspect the work - they almost have the front half done.
Guess who had a Birthday this week? And she got her very own poster sign from Karen. Happy Birthday!
Sisters Wiese and Oleson with Karen - Celebrating Sister Wiese's Birthday
Sister Wiese's Dad sent us a text saying that Pizza was a traditional Birthday Meal at their house. He researched Pizza places in Massena and said the Italian Affair looked like the best place to go. (We had already decided to take Sister Wiese for pizza at the Italian Affair - because it has the best Pizza in town!!! We should send in a testimonial to Google - it actually worked!)
Of course, Sister Wiese got a Birthday card made by Karen! And leftovers to take home!
Last week, I forgot to include our family picture from the Hill Cumorah Pageant in 1994 when we were in the Pageant as a family.
Amish buggies parked at Walmart. You can see sheets of plywood in the back of one of the buggies. The Amish hire out in the community and do a lot construction and remodeling. Everyone sings high praises about their work.
Janet, Karen & Chris - We had a District dance in Potsdam this week.
Karen and Dick hamming it up at the District dance.
Part of the fun was guessing the artists on the good and oldie songs that were played. Janet won a candy bar for a correct answer. (No she didn't share!!!)
The Burnetts were out in number - parents and two of their married children - and they are all good dancers.
Karen out at the Eisenhower Lock on Preparation Day
While we were at the lock, one ship came out of the lock - down bound - going toward the Atlantic. And a second ship was waiting for the lock to clear to go up bound toward the Great Lakes.
Karen & Sister Oleson playing shuffleboard on preparation day. The local bowling alley converted 1/2 of the bowling alley into shuffleboard and corn hole. The old alley is the shuffleboard playing surface.
Karen & Sister Oleson - Karen is showing her best stuff.
Sister Wises has perfect form. In some crazy turn of play, the Sisters come from behind and beat us.
Sisters Wiese and Oleson loving Karen's homemade tacos for dinner.
Young Women activity at our home. Karen, Adryan, Aubriella, Nevaeh, & Elise (Adryan brought her two younger daughters.) 

I always love to hear the Young Women sing - listen to their beautiful voices:

The Young Women made egg rolls and they were the best. I especially loved Adryan's sweet chili sauce. (Yes, they let me sample a few!)
Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards, by the way) and Carlina enjoying the egg rolls.
Leigha loving the egg rolls!

Another week of great adventures - we love working with the good, humble people of Massena.